About Us

George Street ~ Luton

The Showvan has been set up to give Local businesses based in Luton and Stevenage, businesses already trading in but based outside Luton and Stevenage and businesses wanting to trade in Luton and Stevenage direct access to the People of both towns. We have Exhibition Trailers (The Showvan) built to our specific requirement by the local trailer company AJC Trailers.

The Showvan's parent company is Theatre & Central Publicity Ltd, a well established poster advertising house based in Luton since 1977.

Theatre & Central Publicity have advertising posters in hundreds of locations from as far North as Lincoln down to Poole in Dorset on the South Coast.

The majority of Theatre & Central Publicity's venues are NHS Hospitals, some of these having captive audiences of 350,000+ people.

Theatre & Central Publicity are also a major supplier to NHS Hospitals as they print and supply in excess of 1 million appointment cards to hospitals around the country.

Theatre & Central Publicity.


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